Whang Zhifang

Wang Zhifang was born in a village near Lijiang and belongs to the Lisu ethnic minority. In addition to the music of her own region Wang Zhifang is also specialized in Naxi guyue which is the traditional music from the Naxi. In her native region almost everyone still participates in the tradition of singing, at weddings, at funerals, or to express themselves. During the big annual festival Lisu - on December 20, a kind of New Year party for the Lisu – are a lot of songs are performed. Wang Zhifang will focus particularly on songs of the pig and cattle herders of her region. The herding of these animals is mainly women’s work. She sings unaccompanied. Her singing style has a special technique due to the mix of chest voice and falsetto.

After an introduction to the music of her region and the Naxi guyue music, Wang Zhifang demonstrates and teaches the basics of her special singing technique. Maximum participants: 15


02.12.0910:3013:00WorkshopWhang Zhifang

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