Li Huafu & Li Huaxiu

Brother and sister Li Huaxiu and Li Huafu grew up in a mountain village in Shipingxian, Honghe, in the Yunnan province. They learned their songs from their mother and later on from various, mainly elderly singers. Their repertoire is functional: traditional working songs, music sung in company to share their feelings with friends and music for special occasions and celebrations like the feast of the little dragon and the feast of the big dragon, both celebrated and worshipped to beg for good luck and a rich harvest. In 2004 Li Huaxiu and Li Huafu took part in a big concert which was broadcast nationwide on Chinese TV. Their subsequent success contributed to many concert invitations and a renewal of the interest in traditional songs in their region.

In their workshop Li Huaxiu and Li Huafu will focus on traditional songs from their region. The participants will get a lively and active introduction to the music of Shipingxian, in particular those which express emotion such as the lamenting songs. Li Huaxiu and Li Huafu will not only explain the social and cultural context of their music, but share their heritage with the participants by singing the songs.

Maximum participants: 15


02.12.0914:3017:00WorkshopLi Huafu & Li Huaxiu

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