Music theatre: Monkfish for Amalia

Dez Mona/Pearl Sweetlife/Emmanuel Lipp

Dez Mona (singer Gregory Frateur and bass-player Nicolas Rombouts) have a passion for jazz, drama and spirituals. This duo is male, feminine, rarefied and forceful. A voice that tugs at your heartstrings. Their style is sometimes over the top, but nothing is so intoxicating as the aesthetics of kitsch.

Since 2005 Steven Van Watermeulen and Oscar van den Boogaard have shared the pen name Emmanuel Lipp, and and in May 2008, they will publish their first sentimental novel Monkfish for Amalia under the name of Pearl Sweetlife. On the surface, the novel describes a sophisticated life, but beneath it lies a deep-felt tragedy that is depicted by literary means. The encounter between the two duos on stage is intended to balance on the thin line between unashamed melodrama and critical pastiche, and to sing the praises of both the darker and lighter sides of life.


27.05.0821:00Music theatre: Monkfish for AmaliaDez Mona/Pearl Sweetlife/Emmanuel Lipp