How to discover new vocal sounds?

Jaap Blonk

A long and detailed study of phonetics provided Jaap Blonk with a whole variety of means and strategies for achieving new vocal sounds. Starting from simple speech sounds and other everyday voice sounds, we shall search for special timbres. We will do this by becoming more aware of the movement and position of the organs of speech: the tongue, lips and throat, which can thoroughly transform the sound produced by the vocal cords. We shall make use of these newly discovered sounds in small group improvisations and compositions.

Concert: 31.05.08 - 20h00

Vox Talks: 31.05.08 - 22h00


30.05.0814:3017:00How to discover new vocal sounds?Jaap Blonk
31.05.0814:3017:00How to discover new vocal sounds?Jaap Blonk

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