Saadet Türköz

The voice belongs to us and we wish to consciously be aware of it by freely using it as an instrument and taking the time to do so. Our voice is not only our soul, it's also our body. We laugh, cry experiment, improvise, sing, speak, tell of our thoughts and dreams. We will experience the moment when Saadet"s folk songs flow into her work. Saadet will show her pathway into the work through exploring various personal pieces and approaches for the participants. In the workshops, she is not the focus but a part of the whole, and Saadet welcomes all participants, whatever their musical background might be. She will give voice exercises and simple body exercises. Each participant  should bring his or her own piece and sing it for us. Saadet intends to have an open workshop, where an exchange of expe rience among the participants takes place. She sees her role as that of a faci litator, who perhaps opens up a horizon or gives a kick to each participant.

Maximum: 16 participants

Concert: 31.05.08 - 20h00

Vox Talks: 31.05.08 - 20h00


29.05.0810:3013:00WorkshopSaadet Türköz
30.05.0810:3013:00WorkshopSaadet Türköz
31.05.0810:3013:00WorkshopSaadet Türköz

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