Christoph Homberger

Christoph Homberger has been involved in the most diverse genres of theatre and music theatre for many years. He regularly appears in major opera houses and festivals as a singer, though his focus has always been on director's theatre. And his interest has always been to meld theatre and music. Alongside his work in theatre and opera, his first love is chamber music. In recent years he has generated many new impulses for presenting this music in fitting frameworks, creating wonderful 21st century salons that audiences are attending with great enthusiasm. The course is intended for all singers, actors, performers who have the desire to go with Christoph Homberger on a vocal expedition where they can discover new facets of their voice. Please bring three copies of the score you would like to work on.

Maximum: 15 participants.

Concert: 26.05.08 - 20h00

Vox Talks: 26.05.08 - 21h30



24.05.0810:3013:00WorkshopChristoph Homberger
24.05.0814:3017:00WorkshopChristoph Homberger
25.05.0810:3013:00WorkshopChristoph Homberger
25.05.0814:3017:00WorkshopChristoph Homberger
26.05.0810:3013:00WorkshopChristoph Homberger
26.05.0814:3017:00WorkshopChristoph Homberger

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