What is a voice solo?

David Moss

Could it be an architecture of individuality - the momentary manifestation of personal timing and eccentric personality that occurs when you deal with your materials of choice: voice, body, momentum, movement, text, the musical thought, the 5th wall. And where does a vocal solo come from? Truthfully, a solo is never pure. Mutations pop up everywhere: memory cells are shared and instant "habits” gain unpredictable momentum & shape. As in life, structures and frameworks act as diving boards, mixing memory, sounds, fantasy, history, desire, context, narrative and timing. Singing together and alone – including surprises, limitations, exaggerations, duos, interruptions, pop-up performances, one-minute solos, habits, momentary transgressions, frustration fandangos, the attraction of opposites and elementary ecstasies – 2 days in a performance-active workshop centred on the question: What is a voice solo? Some performance and vocal experience required.

Maximum: 15 participants

Concert: 28.05.08 - 20h30

Vox Talks: 28.05.08 - 22h00


27.05.0810:3013:00What is a voice solo?David Moss
28.05.0810:3013:00What is a voice solo?David Moss

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