Muscle, Blood, Air: the secrets of the voice

The human voice is a kind of  “extra-sensory-perception” apparatus hidden inside the most normal of our daily activities.  When singing and speaking, the blood, muscles and air inside the body (modulated by your mind) generate sound-waves (vibrations in the air around you) that come out of the mouth, propagate invisibly through the air and then touch someone else. Unbelievable!  We’re not only
babbling, but also evoking the web of connections that make humans into one gigantic tribe.   We can touch other people emotionally, intellectually and physically with our voices.  Singing is simultaneously a mental-muscular massage and a symphony of synchronization, communality and feedback.   And this might be the secret….
From blood to muscle to air to mouth to air to ear to mind to blood to muscle to air to ear again:  our ILV panel of international singers, performers and organizers examines and celebrates these aspects of the voice from their personal experience.


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