Vocal Improvisation: mind over matter

Sidsel Endresen

In this workshop Sidsel Endresen will take some steps towards demystifying and concretisizing the process of free vocal improvisation. Based on her work with genre - free, non-dogmatic vocal improvisation - and her method of going beyond the overly expressive and theatrical aspects of using the voice as an instrument, her workshop will focus on a set of work-tools based on purely musical phenomena such as «time», «timbre»,»register»,»tone-character», «dynamics» etc.

There will also be a strong focus on structure and form, and she will introduce alternative frameworks for «real-time» composition. The participants will be working both as a part of different-sized vocal ensembles and as soloists.

concert  30.09.07  20:30

at vox talks  01.10.07  17:30


30.09.0710:0013:00Vocal Improvisation: mind over matterSidsel Endresen
01.10.0710:0013:00Vocal Improvisation: mind over matterSidsel Endresen
01.10.0714:3017:00Vocal Improvisation: mind over matterSidsel Endresen

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