Together before jumping

David Moss

How do you sing a solo? How do time, timing, intensity, attack, intimacy, eccentricity, personal history, ego, silence, objects, physicality, gestures, words, sounds, memory, songs and your tactile senses connect you to the moment of singing?  Do you understand your memory; the memory of the audience?
Where is performance power to be found? What happens with "time"? What is the relationship of solo work to group work? Focusing on these questions each participant will make & perform a 3-minute voice solo by the end of the 3-day workshop.
Open to singers and non-singers, performers of all kinds; some performance experience necessary.

maximum 15 participants

concert  30.09.07  20:30

at vox talks  01.10.07  17:30  and  06.10.07  17:30


02.10.0714:3017:00Together before jumpingDavid Moss
03.10.0714:3017:00Together before jumpingDavid Moss
04.10.0714:3017:00Together before jumpingDavid Moss

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