Gidon Saks

In this workshop Gidon Saks explores the concept of holistic singing. The encompassing of not just breath control and supported sound, but also the emotional territory needed to discover the creation of the most free, natural and honest sound one can produce. He will work on the need of understanding resonance in its most primitive form and the necessity of being able to sing in any given acoustic.

Saks will also look into the “floor work”, concentrating on breathing and a clearer understanding of the mechanism of voice production. It is important that there is a constant dialogue and exchange of energies and ideas during these workshops. It is open to anyone who wishes to understand their voice as an emotionally revealing and expressive instrument. Students should bring a vocal piece of their choice, either from repertoire already composed, or if they prefer, to improvise vocally in a style they feel particularly drawn to.

maximum 15 participants

concert  04.10.07  20:30

at vox talks 06.10.07  17:30


05.10.0710:0013:00Workshop Gidon Saks
05.10.0714:3017:00Workshop Gidon Saks
06.10.0714:3017:00Workshop Gidon Saks

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