ILV Ghent - Autumn 01

ILV Ghent - Autumn 01

17 - 30 September 2001

Institute for Living Voice (ILV) is a pioneering international educational programme, given by some of the world's most esteemed vocalists. The artistic director of the Institute for Living Voice is the vocalist David Moss.

The Institute for Living Voice's intention is to break down the boundaries between entertainment, classics, experimental, artistic, traditional and world vocal techniques by presenting a lively mixture of master singers of the 21st century who are together seeking their way forward. You can expect the Institute for Living Voice to offer all the extremes for which the human voice is used. From postmodern pop and electronic hip-hop to opera and belcanto, from the 20th-century 'extended voice" to traditional ethnic and folk songs, from cabaret and chanson to extreme vocal experiments, and much, much more.

The Institute for Living Voice will not be a course tied to one location, but will be an itinerant project. For each new course new contents will be developed involving workshops, concerts, master classes, seminars and lectures. The Institute for Living Voice will offer its participants the opportunity to train as performers, to learn vocal techniques from other genres, explore various improvisation techniques, concentrate on songwriting, develop a personal singing style and learn about different vocal traditions.

The Institute for Living Voice is open to anyone who is interested in the human voice and therefore addresses professional singers and performers, artists, musicians and non-professional singers, students, young people, melomaniacs.

For this first session, the Institute for Living Voice will hold its events in the magnificent building of the Vooruit Arts Centre in Gent. The workshops, concerts, and debates are organised in collaboration with Vooruit. Except for the project of Diamanda Galas, which will take place in the Counts' Castle, Vooruit will also be the venue for all the workshops, concerts, and debates.

The Institute for Living Voice is a project of Muziektheater Transparant. Muziektheater Transparant is subsidised by the Ministry of the Flemish Community.