Century Songs

Performance New Babel Sounds!

8 vocalists/performers with a variation of almost as many ethnicities, each have different backgrounds, each an unique style of performance, each an unique way of controlling their voices and each an unique vocal identity:  from classical to spoken word, from jazzy to traditional sounds from the Balkan.
Every one of the performers were selected during an audition at Operadagen Rotterdam in ’09.  For a period of one year, they will be coached and led by American vocalist David Moss, composer Joachim Brackx and Transparant director Wouter van Looy. During this time, they face the challenge to work as an ensemble towards creating a repertoire  whilst considering each others abilities.
The main objective of this project is identity and estrangement. The confinements of their own genres and theatrical styles are researched and explored. Lyrics by Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa are hereby used as a base for improvisations and compositions.

The end result will be a production, developed during 3 encounters and will be premier at the Operadagen Rotterdam ’10:

The third encounter will be an Invitation of Neuköllner Oper in Berlin, where the Century Songs ensemble works on the production of  New Babel Sounds! and shares the platform with a folk choir holding 80 men originating from various multicultural districts of Neukölln.

Performances April 17th and 18th ’10.

With  Aleksandra Popovska, Céline Hänni, Clarissa Worsdale, Dean Bowen, Izzy Ramos, E.laine, Jean Fürst, Tiyying Liu  led by composer  Joachim Brackx, vocalist David Moss and director Wouter Van Looy.

Century Songs is a project by Muziektheater Transparant, Operadagen Rotterdam and  Lantaren/Venster