Century Songs

project within the framework of ILV

The Institute for Living Voice (ILV) is an international project of Muziektheater Transparant which places the diversity and resources of the voice firmly in the centre. Artistically directed by David Moss, each ILV-session is a meeting place for master-singers and students from all vocal genres with workshops, concerts, debates and lectures. This varied and inclusive focus makes the ILV unique. It's an exploratory, not a conservatory, open to anyone interested in the human voice. Master-singers and students from around the World meet, sing together, have meals together and plan future projects.  

Uniquely nomadic, each ILV-session is a partnership with a city and its cultural scene. Since its founding in 2000, the ILV has so far presented 11 sessions in 10 cities with master-teachers including Meredith Monk, Barbara Bonney, Diamanda Gallas, John Giorno, Jaap Blonk. 

In 2009 the ILV starts a long-term project, embodied in several ILV-sessions: Century Songs. It"s a 100 years since Arnold Schoenberg broke the song barrier with Pierrot Lunaire, and now Century Songs will explore the past journey and the possible futures of the song, its singers and its forms. The project gives 6-8 up-and-coming vocalists the chance to work with composer Joachim Brackx. The goal: to create an evening-long performance piece that highlights unexpected dimensions and emotions in human singing.  

Joachim Brackx, a young composer of contemporary music, will compose, create and set music for the individual singers. Also joining the project are vocal performer David Moss and music-theatre director Wouter Van Looy.  

Century Songs begins with a 3-day audition-workshop, led by Joachim Brackx, David Moss and Wouter Van Looy. The audition-workshop will lead to the selection of 6-8 vocalists to participate in the project during the coming ILV-sessions, finishing one year later with a public performance in May 2010 at Operadagen Rotterdam. The audition-workshop is open to singers and vocal performers from all genres who want to be part of a new music theatre piece focused on the contemporary voice. This is a unique opportunity to explore the universe of the voice and the possible futures of the song, its singers and its forms and to create a performance with experienced teachers. 


Century Songs project calender:

1. Audition-workshop in Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam: 

Date: choice between 23-25 May or 26-28 May 2009 
Teachers: David Moss, Joachim Brackx, Wouter Van Looy 
Public performance: 25 May and 28 May 2009 in Lantaren/Venster 

Each 3-day workshop is free of charge; travel and loging are the applicant’s responsibility. 
Notification to the 6-8 chosen vocalists: 10 June 2009 
Deadline to commit to the project via signed contract: 20 June 2009   

2. First rehearsel phase  
December 2009, during ILV-session in Ghent   

3. Second reheasal phase 
March 2010, during ILV-session in Antwerp   

4. Final rehearsal phase / Première 
May 2010, during Operadagen Rotterdam 


You want to participate in this project? 

To apply, complete the subscription form on the website  before April 30th: www.instituteforlivingvoice.be 

More information: 
website Transparant
website David Moss 
website Joachim Brackx