Li Tie Qiao & Lander Ghyselinck

Li Tie Qiao, who traded Beijing for the Norwegian jazz scene has been described by music lovers as "The first experimental free jazz musician in China". The multi-instrumentalist excels on the saxophone, an instrument he had to learn himself because there were no schools in China for contemporary music. He pushes the instrument to its limits and produces the most surprising and intriguing sounds. Li Tie Qiao´s music is a fusion of jazz, rock, electronic and noise and íncludes Vooruit drummer Lander Ghyselinck. Ghyselinck is a phenomenal talent and his energetic performance is a pleasure to watch. He has previously played in Vooruit with Kapotski, Tree Fanfare and Invisible Cinema.


03.12.0922:00ConcertLi Tie Qiao & Lander Ghyselinck