Locating your voice

Shelley Hirsch

Through solo and group singing exercises, each workshop member will create and develop a singing story-line; at the same time inventing all the necessary vocal techniques and characters to express this personal vocal narrative.
Shelley Hirsch will lead the students through ensemble/choral interjections; character identification and access; stream of consciousness vocal improvisation techniques; body-work designed to open the vocal apparatus to instantaneous mental ideation; individual solo vocal work, in interaction with Ms. Hirsch.
This workshop is for those with experience singing, and singing in public, but it is also open to non-professionals and anyone who is passionate about singing. It is an active singing workshop; participants will use their voice every day.

maximum 12 participants

concert  28.06.06  20:30


30.06.0614:3017:00Locating your voiceShelley Hirsch
01.07.0614:3017:00Locating your voiceShelley Hirsch
02.07.0614:3017:00Locating your voiceShelley Hirsch

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