To interpret a song ...

Maria Husmann

Maria Husmann's workshop will focus on some typical Brechtian concepts such as epic theatre, gestus, V-effect, dialectic What does it mean to sing and interpret a song? Together you will work to come closer to the Brechtian ideal as a basis for further individual interpretation.
This workshop is open to all singers, actors and performers who enjoy working on and performing some scenes, i.e. Oh Moon of Alabama, from Mahagonny. Maria Husmann would like you to prepare a song or scene preferably in your native language, individually or as a group, to present at the start of the workshop. She suggests a piece from Mahagonny or Dreigroschenoper.

maximum 12 participants

concert  28.06.2006  20:30


30.06.0610:3013:00To interpret a song ...Maria Husmann
01.07.0610:3013:00To interpret a song ...Maria Husmann
02.07.0610:3013:00To interpret a song ...Maria Husmann

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