The Wisdom of the Voice

John Giorno

The workshop with John Giorno will be a mental and physical journey using all the energy and intellectual resources of the participants. This workshop is about "being 100% in the present” when writing and performing poetry. It dwells on the moment of realization, both in writing and in speaking/singing written words.  
Through interaction and discussion with Giorno, the workshop will focus on moving the written word “out of the armchair and onto the road”; breaking down boundaries of oral and written poetry; and working with the “momentum of sound” and the “channeling of phrase” to create either introspection or frenzy.
Giorno will stimulate you  by examining the uses and power of repetition and altered phrasings, and help you find out how a poem creates its own music. The workshop is extremely participatory: members write and perform their own words every day.

maximum 14 participants

concert  23.06.06  20:30


24.06.0610:3013:00The Wisdom of the VoiceJohn Giorno
25.06.0610:3013:00The Wisdom of the VoiceJohn Giorno
26.06.0610:3013:00The Wisdom of the VoiceJohn Giorno

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