Jocelyn B. Smith

"I love the voice.
For this is the secret to EMPOWERMENT.
For yourself AND the listener.
To sing ,you confirm life,YOUR LIFE.
It is the gateway to unlimited design.
YOUR design
Here is where the singer learns how beautiful she and he is.
And that the world waits for your creative insight and contribution."

For the last 15 years Jocelyn B. Smith has uplifted audiences throughout Germany with her energetic and expressive voice. Born and raised in New York City, after several tours as a back-up singer for other accomplished artists, Smith made her home in Berlin, Germany. The famous Berlin jazz club Quasimodo became her musical home where she performed regularly to packed houses for more than a decade.

Her sophisticated vocal ability and broad musical interests have led Smith to experiment with various musical styles, including funk rock, soul ballads, chansons, and big band jazz. For her album Blue Lights & Nylons, which blended world-music with interpretations of well-known tunes by George Gershwin and Kurt Weill, Smith was nominated for the German Jazz Award in 2000.



The workshop will be an intensive training on empowerment, authenticity, enjoying and understanding passion while you sing. Respecting one´s vocal goals. Endurance and projection. Focus with sharpness. Instant composing and hammering out results of composing.

Maximum participants: 25

Price: 120 euro

If you attend a second workshop you get a 10% reduction on the total amount, a third workshop gives a 15% reduction on the total amount.


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