The Seventh Sense

David Moss

Singing is a very real-time combination of muscles, air, passion, mind. It brings together our 6 usual senses to create delicate but powerful vocal dances of surprise and desire -- the seventh sense. Here we work on shaping melody, carving a solo, caressing a tone, taste the next note, and inhabit our voices. Over three days, each participant creates, develops and performs their own vocal sound-story in solo, duo, and ensemble work.    
Singers, non-singers, actors, musicians, composers, artists, architects, dancers, performers can participate.

maximum 14 participants

concert  19.06.04  21:00  -  Bimhuis


09.06.0410:3013:00The Seventh SenseDavid Moss
10.06.0410:3013:00The Seventh SenseDavid Moss
11.06.0410:3013:00The Seventh SenseDavid Moss

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