Mahotella Queens

The Queens offer participants the chance to experience, first-hand, the irresistibly rich vocal harmonies and relentless swing rhythms of Mbaquanga. Their workshop will use voices only but the Queens will have participants singing all the parts of their music melody, rhythm, harmony and bass -- exchanging roles and supporting each other vocally. The Queens describe the history of the group and what it is like to sing in a politically difficult situation. They discuss how they compose. Additionally they will teach a part of the unique physical choreography they have developed.

Participants must have some singing or stage experience. Maximum 20 students

concert  20.06.04  late afternoon  -  Oosterpark


14.06.0410:3013:00WorkshopMahotella Queens
15.06.0410:3013:00WorkshopMahotella Queens
16.06.0410:3013:00WorkshopMahotella Queens

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