Workshop ensembles

Hilliard Ensemble

The workshop with the Hilliard Ensemble is open for vocal ensembles that emphasize on classical music, ranging from renaissance and contemporary music. Every workshop starts with a short concert by the Hilliard Ensemble. After that the ensembles work during three days with the different members of the Hilliard. Maximum six ensembles from each of which a minimum of three and a maximum of eight singers can take part. The workshops will end with a presentation. The workshop is open to observers.

concert at the beginning of every workshop


14.06.0410:3013:00Workshop ensemblesHilliard Ensemble
14.06.0414:3017:00Workshop ensemblesHilliard Ensemble
15.06.0410:3013:00Workshop ensemblesHilliard Ensemble
15.06.0414:3017:00Workshop ensemblesHilliard Ensemble
16.06.0410:3013:00Workshop ensemblesHilliard Ensemble
16.06.0414:3017:00Workshop ensemblesHilliard Ensemble

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