How 2 Jam / The Voice & Performance

Nona Hendryx

There is no other instrument like the voice.  It can express every nuance of emotion.  It is the most direct means of communication. It can injure and soothe. Freedom is the key to improvisation. Being willing to express yourself with abandonment. To feel that freedom and ability in front of an audience is a hurdle that many artists stumble over when they are finally centre stage.  

How 2 Jam will be a three-day workshop experimenting with improvisation such as jamming.  On the first day, participants learn four funk/rock songs. After that they will deconstruct a song, they learn to improvise lyrics, melodies and rhythms on the spot. The third day each participant performs their interpretation of their choice of song with the new version. Participants must have some singing or stage experience.

maximum 20 participants

concert 11.06.04  21:00  -  Paradiso


09.06.0414:3017:00How 2 Jam / The Voice & PerformanceNona Hendryx
10.06.0414:3017:00How 2 Jam / The Voice & PerformanceNona Hendryx
11.06.0410:3013:00How 2 Jam / The Voice & PerformanceNona Hendryx