Viviane De Muynck

Each voice is able to express nuances in thinking and feeling. Nevertheless a feeling of uneasiness comes over you every time you hear your voice on a recording. As if the sound you produced yourself all of a sudden becomes odd. Often we do not like our voice, it is not beautiful, soft or round enough; the reproduction does not sound familiar. In this workshop, we work on pronunciation and articulation, and look for the ultimate way to convert our thoughts into clear phrases. Furthermore we investigate the obstacles we have to experience in establishing the contact with our natural voice.

We are not looking for a vocal technique but for a physical experience of the sounds that brings us beyond rational thinking, to express our emotions freely.

Open to everybody. Maximum 20 participants.

Performance Men in Tribulation  18.06.04  20:30  -  Theater Bellevue


14.06.0414:3017:00WorkshopViviane De Muynck
15.06.0414:3017:00WorkshopViviane De Muynck
16.06.0414:3017:00WorkshopViviane De Muynck

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