Biography Sidsel Endresen (Norway)

Sidsel Endresen has been at the forefront of the Norwegian music-scene for more than two decades. Her work has spanned genres from fusion and jazz-rock in the 80's, to free-improvisation, electronics and new music in the 90's and the new millennium. Sidsel has soloed with Norwegian and International big bands, choirs and symphonic orchestras - worked within multi-media, performance, theatre and dance - and performed extensively with the voice as solo instrument. In international media she has been labelled the Grande Dame of  Nordic poetic chamber-jazz although she does not consider herself a jazz-singer in the strict sense of the term. She is influenced by many sources - including the ethnic and the contemporary vocal expressions. Endresen has always moved in new directions - constantly renewing her music and her approach - and challenging the traditional role and function of the singer. She has worked extensively with the voice as solo-instrument and has developed her own, distinctive vocal improvisational style and her own abstract, phonetic language based on her exploration of the pure sound-aspect of the human voice. Endresen is today considered a major influence on a whole new generation of singers.