Bio Joachim Brackx

Joachim Brackx was born in Oostende (Belgium) in 1975. He studied composition at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Ghent with Godfried-Willem Raes and developed a personal yet highly flexible style.

As a composer he receives numerous commissions from several ensembles, institutions and production companies, focussing on vocal music and music with electronics. His latest passion - and an opportunity to work together with other creative spirits - is music for the stage, be it for theatre, music theatre, opera, contemporary dance or performance art.

He was teacher of composition at the "Hogeschool Gent, Departement Muziek en Dramatische Kunst" since 1998, year of his graduation as a Master of Composition, until 2003. From 2001 to 2003 he gave lectures about new music at the Musicology Department of the K.U.L. (University of Leuven).

Next to composition his main activity is ensemble singing. He has toured extensively with several internationaly acclaimed professional choirs like Currende (E. Van Nevel), Collegium Vocale (P. Herreweghe) and the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra and Choir (T. Koopman).

The VRT (flemish radio and television) hired him from 2002 to 2007 to make radio programs for Klara, their classical and cultural station.

Choosing to be a full-time composer and singer in 2007 was a wonderful decision. Currently Joachim is composer in residence at Muziektheater Transparant, one of the leading music theatre companies of Europe. His first chamber opera 'Die Entführung aus dem Paradies' on text by Oscar van den Boogaard will be premiered in june 2009 at the Vlaamse Opera in Antwerp. The second chamber opera "La Mort au Bal Masqué” on text by Xavier Tricot is planned to be premièred in february 2010 in a staging by Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski. A third chamber opera - in a production of the American Opera Theatre - is being planned for 2011. It will be a contemporary adaptation of L'Arianna by Ottavio Rinuccini written for baroque orchestra and incorporating the famous Lamento by Monteverdi.