Biography Wouter Van Looy

 WOUTER VAN LOOY is artistic co-director at the Belgian company Muziektheater Transparant, together with Guy Coolen. For Transparant he has set-up projects in major festivals and art houses in Europe, like the Holland Festival, Stavanger 2008 Cultural Capital of Europe, Manchester International Festival, Berliner Festspiele as well as in Nord and South America (Buenos Aires/Teatro Cólon) and Australia (Melbourne Performing arts Festival). As stage director Wouter Van Looy recently premiered amongst others in Zürich (Theaterspektakel, 2007), Antwerp (deSingel/International Arts centre, 2007 and the Flemish Opera house, 2008) and Mexico City (Musica y Escena/CENART, 2008).

Wouter Van Looy challenges the borders of opera and contemporary music theatre, often with links to historical sources like his staging of Drift (2004) based on Monteverdi’s lost opera L’Arianna, Dido (2006) after Vergil and Villa Vivaldi (2008) based on Ariosto and Vivaldi.

Interested in the artistic possibility’s to approach essential philosophical and scientific themes Wouter Van Looy staged a series of performances, often  based on the work of historical important writers as Francesco Petrarca (2004, Sestina/Claudio Monteverdi), Fernando Pessoa (2007, Void/Wim Henderickx), Franz Kafka (2008, Kafka Fragments/Gyorgy Kurtag).

Wouter Van Looy’s performances are a result of multidisciplinary collaborations between composers, writers and visual artists. In his adventurous approach, Wouter Van Looy present his work regularly in unusual stage settings or locations. For the performance Zonzo (1999) he presented singers in a peepshow, for Sestina (2004) the audience was invited in a park by night and recently he enchanted the audience with a sleepover version of The boy, the girl, the river (2008) in the Antwerp harbour. Besides directing, Wouter Van Looy more often signs for the stage design of his own work.

Additional to his work as artistic director and stage director, Wouter Van Looy founded the new music festival for children Oorsmeer in 1995. This yearly festival is known as a trendsetting music festival for young audiences and has been organized in many European countries amongst others Opéra de Lille (Happy Day! Enfant).

Wouter Van Looy’s interest in educational projects is expressed in the yearly opera productions he setup for young singers and the project Institute for Living Voice which he organizes for Transparant with the American vocal artist David Moss.