Biography Saadet Türköz (TUR)

Autodidact singer Saadet Torkez, now resident in Switzerland, was born in Istanbul in 1961 in a family of Uigur migrants from Eastern Turkestan. She inherited a rich historic mix of ancient traditions of Central Asian highlands and the Sea of Marmara. Through her improvisations (inspired mainly by the melodic language of the Koran) and Turkish and Kazakh songs she tries to transform her reminiscences and ancestral memory of her nation. Her voice and music create unique images and sophisticated atmosphere that are beyond cultural borders. She gives concerts and does projects all over the world (China, Uzbekistan, US, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Mongolia, Russia and many other European countries) and has worked with musicians like Fred Frith, Carl Stone, Yagi Michiyo, Peter Kowald, Eyvind Kang, Xu Feng Shia etc. She works regularly in duo or larger formations with Nils Wogram, Martin Schütz, Olkkyung Lee, Elliott Sharp, Hans Koch, Group Blast, Pascal Schaer, Thomas Rohrer, Jean-Jaques Pedrett.