Biography Ustad Gulam Hassan Shagan (Pakistan)

The 72-year-old great master of Raga, Ustad Gulam Hassan Shagan, is the heir of the musical heritage of the Gwalior singing school, which was founded in the 16th century in the north of India, and of the Gharana of Kapurthala, established 300 years ago by the dervish, musician, and composer San Ilyas. Ustad Gulam Hassan Shagan comes from a family of well-known musicians.

Because he considers his art, in the great classical style of the Ragas, to be the highest musical form, he refuses to sing anything else. The beauty of his voice, which moves from the lowest bass register to very high notes with great ease, and his vitality that is disciplined and yet of a childlike purity, contribute to making him one of the great masters of the Indian subcontinent. In spite of the great success and fame that Ustad Gulam Hassan Shagan has earned, this Raga master has hardly ever left his mother country.