Biography Catherine Jauniaux (Belgium)

In the seventies, Catherine Jauniaux worked as an actress in Belgium and France. As a singer, she is often called a "onewoman-orchestra” or a “human sampler”. Jauniaux has recorded with Aksak Maboul, Marc Hollander, Fred Frith, Chris Cutler, and others. She made her first album, Fluvial, with Tim Hodgkinson in London. With her own band, Jonio, Catherine Jauniaux sings with Jean Luc Plouvier, Jan Kuijken, and Max Vandervorst. When she was living in New York, she performed with Tom Cora, Ikue Mori, Marc Ribot, Christian Marclay, Zeena Parkins, and David Moss. Catherine Jauniaux sang in the opera Romische Hunde of Heiner Goebbels. She regularly collaborates with artists from other disciplines such as film and dance.