Biography Diamanda Galas (USA)

Diamanda Galas, of Greek ancestry, was born in the US in 1952. After a period of jazz and classical music, she started creating her own compositions. Galas became the most extreme among the female singers who make use of what is known as "extended vocal techniques”. Her eerie and diabolical live act, a seething mass of vocal violence (screaming, crying, panting, sighing, hissing, grunting, roaring, and whispering), electronics, and light, was a success everywhere she went. When the Aids virus started to claim victims in Galas's own circle, she started recording what was to become her Masque Of The Red Death Trilogy. The idea was to create a trilogy, loosely based on Edgar Allan Poe"s original work, about death and the archetypal reactions to the plague as described in the Old Testament.