Biography Phil Minton (U.K.)

Phil Minton started his career as a trumpet player. He toured extensively worldwide.. In 1974 Phil Minton began working with experimental theatre groups. From 1976 through the early 1980s he worked solo and in a number of improvising duos with Fred Frith, Roger Turner, Peter Brötzmann, ....Throughout the ‘80s Phil Minton started to be involved with more ‘multi-media’ work. In 1988 Phil Minton was voted best Male Singer in Europe by International Jazz Forum. Minton continues to work in a wide variety of situations and over the past few years these have included many guest appearances. In 1994, Phil Minton began the ‘Feral Choir’ project in Stockholm and Berlin and the ‘Giving Voice’ Festival in Cardiff, a series of workshops and rehearsals of compositions specially written for participating performers.