Biography Han Buhrs & Ronald Klekamp (Netherlands)

Together with Greetje Bijma, Han Buhrs is one of the greatest improvising singers/vocalists from Holland. He performed with The Ex, and since 1997 he has been a member of the music ensemble Palinckx. He also has affinity with the interdisciplinary which he illustrated in the performance Palinckx Dekt Tafel where he linked poetry with theatre and music. Together with artist Marjan Verkerk Buhrs investigated the possibilities of music theatre. As a composer/singer he worked with different dancers and choreographers .

Ronald Klekamp works with a lot of singers in his private studio and he teaches speech and voice in a theatreschool. In his vocal coaching he puts the emphasis on the fysical and breathing awareness to attain a personal and authentic way of singing and giving expression.