Biography Kang Kwon Soon (South Korea)

Kang Kwon Soon began her music and vocal training at an early age, mastering the rigorous techniques required for the performance of chungak (an ancient court form), kagok (a more recent lyrical form) and p'ansori (a long, dramatic storytelling folk form). A brilliant exponent of the exacting, highly stylised techniques that characterise these traditions, Ms. Kang has in recent years lent her talents to contemporary theatrical contexts as well. Ms. Kang has won prestigious musical competitions in Korea, appearing as a soloist with leading musical ensembles such as the Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Music Orchestra, and celebrations such as Buddha"s Birthday at the famous Bulguk-sa temple in Kyongju. Since 1989 Ms. Kang’s ever-expanding international schedule has included classical and contemporary performances in Asia, Europe, Canada, and across the United States.