Biography Richard J. Frankland (Australia)

In 1999 Frankland wrote and directed a multi-award winning short drama titled Harry's War which told the story of his uncle, Harry Saunders, who in 1942 left Condah Mission to fight the Japanese in Papua New Guinea at the height of WWII. In 1999 No Way To Forget and Harry"s War were staged as part of the Melbourne International Arts Festival. Richard also wrote and directed the stage performance of Conversations With the Dead. In 2003 Company B staged Conversations With the Dead in Sydney with Wesley Enoch directing and in May 2004 it was staged as a workshop in New York. Richard directed and composed the music for a re-working of the Australian classic feature film Walkabout for Chamber Made Opera. Walkabout was presented as a multimedia workshop performance at the Melbourne International Arts Festival 2003. Through films and music, Richard has demonstrated an ability to communicate with audiences around the world and empower them with the confidence to tell their own stories, in their own ways.