Biography Pierre-Marie Chemla (France)

Bassoonist Pierre-Marie Chemla has incorporated all the repertory of Occidental music in the midst of prestigious orchestras. He is actively involved in the restoration of early music on ancient instruments and performs with many ensembles of baroque music(La Grande Ecurie Ensemble and la Chambre du Roy, Baroque Ensemble of Nice).
He has studied Persian and Indian music and works on the chant with masters of this music (Dariush Talaï). In 1989, he organized a meeting to bring musicians from North India, Iran and the Occident together. He is also an expert in the field of Gregorian chant, a professor of the bassoon and chamber music at the Academy of Music of Marseille, a member of the ORGANUM and a founder of  "Orients Musicaux” and JUBAL of which he is artistic director.