Biography Paul Dutton (Canada)

One of the pioneering voice artists who have redefined the musical potential of human utterance in recent decades, Paul Dutton is ranked among the world’s leading exponents of oral sound art. He has been performing his sound poetry and soundsinging for over thirty years, in ensemble and solo contexts, in concert and on recordings, appearing in music, voice, and poetry festivals, in clubs, concert-halls, and schools across Canada, Europe, and the United States. As much a venturesome literary author as he is an innovative singer, he has made his mark both as a member of The Four Horsemen poetry performance group (1970-19­88) and of the CCMC free-improvisation trio, in which he collaborates with Michael Snow and John Oswald. Some of the many musicians and composers he has worked with are Phil Minton, David Moss, John Butcher, Lee Ranaldo, Bob Ostertag, R. Murray Schafer, and Trevor Wishart. His most recent book is a novel, Several Women Dancing, and his most recent solo CD is Oralizations. &