The Institute for Living Voice is...

… an international centre for singing, specializing in workshops and concerts in all vocal genres.

… an “exploratory”, not a conservatory.

ILV is a home for the exploration of the human voice in all its manifestations. Each session explores and mixes the wide spectrum of vocal possibilities, singing styles and techniques. The ILV offers an active singing experience – promoting direct contact between teachers and students and daily vocalizing for everyone – through intensive workshops, each with only 7-20 members. The ILV thrives on the genre-erasing potential offered by this intensive workshop system.

… a meeting place.

ILV offers an unprecedented meeting place for the human voice: master-singers and students from around the world meet, sing together, have meals together, and plan future projects.

… a “nomad” institute.

Each session discovers the pleasures of a new city. The ILV collaborates with international arts centres and festivals such as Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Ghent / Brugge 2002 Concertgebouw Brugge / Festspiele, Berlin / deSingel, Antwerp / Montévidéo, Marseille / CETC, Buenos Aires / Holland Festival, Amsterdam/ Year of the Voice, Stavanger2008, Rotterdam/ Opera Days, Ghent / Europalia China, …

Master singers at past ILV-sessions include Cheryl Barker, Madalena Bernardes, Greetje Bijma, Jaap Blonk, Barbara Bonney, Paul Dutton, Han Buhrs, Cristina Branco, Pierre-Marie Chemla, Amelia Cuni, Omar Ebrahim, Sidsel Endresen, Julien Ferrando, Lia Ferenese, Diamanda Galas, John Giorno, Michiko Hirayama, Shelley Hirsch, Nona Hendryx, Maria Husmann, Nicholas Isherwood, Catherine Jauniaux, Joan La Barbara, Lydia Lunch, Arto Lindsay, Koichi Makigami, Chris Mann, Phil Minton, Meredith Monk, David Moss, Sainko Namtchylak, Miriam Palma, Maja Ratkje, Gidon Saks, Susannah Self, Ustad G.H.Shagan, Murton Subotnick, Tran Quang Hai, Hilliard Ensemble, Mahotella Queens, Viviane De Muynck, Andrew Watts, Christoph Homberger, Saadet Türköz, Li Huaxiu & Li Huafu, Gong Linna, Xiao He, Wang Zhifang, He Jinhua, ...

Institute for living voice is a project of Muziektheater Transparant